Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Andris Biedrins looks like a zombie, makes it hilarious when he is being active in a game.

ESPN Stats and Info has this sweet article examining Kyrie Irving's rookie season to CP3 and LeBron James. So far results are very positive.

Also here is a Tumblr titled What The Fuck Is Micheal Jordan Wearing? You're welcome.

Here is a link to a story on Chandler Parsons killing it in the league.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Quick Hits

After watching the Golden State v Orlando game last night I would do a Curry for Howard deal easily. Jenkins seems like he'll develop into a decent scoring PG and Nate Robinson comes off the bench and fits in pretty damn well. Monta has been doing a lot more for the team and can replace those two players deficiencies and Klay is a good back up for him/Steph replacement.

Saturday, January 7, 2012


I would be the most oppressive basketball ref ever. I would call every carry and let players maul each other. But at least I'd let them express emotion and slowly improve the quality of the game. Anyone else think that zoning in on certain rules each year is dumb? Rhetorical question.

Side thought: Shoelace Denard Robinson as a pro wideout or scatback? No position?

Friday, January 6, 2012

Quick Hits

LaMarcus Aldridge is continuing his dominance this year and I really like how that offense. How it goes through him constantly and how effective he/it is. I hope the Cavs not only make Tristian Thompson watch LA's tape but have the whole team implement an offense like that once he develops a post game. I feel it would be rather easy for him to learn that spin-off-the-defender-in-the-post move for easy oops. Then again LA might only get that because of the threat of his post ups. Also while on the topic of the Blazers I kind of wish they had traded some seconds and say Luke Babbit to the 76ers for Marreese Speights. He would have given them insurance on the front line if an injury occurs as he is great off the bench already as a big body and could have learned from LA and Kurt and Camby and become something even better. He has always had plenty of potential.

I am reading a few books right now, one of which is The Whore of Akron. I must say Scott Raab's alleged best work is not as good as I hoped. Granted he had gotten a hard time getting coverage writing a hate novel and that may be the reasoning for the make up of the book. I just don't care for what seems almost like a publicity move titling it what he did and spending half of it talking about his past exploits.

I don't really like hybrid players as prospects anymore. Before I was way in on these players, such as Josh Smith. Though since the draft and debate of Kyrie over Derrick Williams, and how Tristian Thompson is playing much like I had hoped for, I've lost that lust over their potential. It's just very hard to surround them with what they need. The trend of skinny but tall "big men," that like to dribble and handle the ball and shoot, will soon die out. I may be completely wrong but so few have worked out. If I were to compare it to say combo guards or scoring guards who are too small for the 2 and play point (say Russel Westbrook) are at least able to do something. These bigs are far too often bounced around team to team, too weak to bang down low and lack the efficiency to spread the floor consistently.

A few more things, I can appreciate the Cavs this year as they are scrappy. But the shortened schedule isn't going to help anyone, especially them. Plus they lack much talent still. I wish the Cavs would have drafted Chandler Parsons last year instead of getting that Richmond forward and trading him for I believe just a future second rounder. Chandler is doing exactly what he did at Florida and getting playing time over the Rockets 1st round pick Marcus Morris. He brings energy and shooting and rebounds from the 3 spot. The shooting isn't consistent yet but will improve and the rebounding being as good as it was in college surprises me. His defense will always be lacking but he has a spot in the league and would be a good fit on this team with a lack of scorers.

UPDATE: Upset that NBA Playbook thinks Tristian Thompson will take awhile to develop a post game. More upset about it possibly being true and the fact that he is shit at defensive rebounding.